Old Dane versus Pseudo Dane and which breeders offer them

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We should be worried about the future of the Great Dane.

  • Over decades the race is mutilated with cheeks hanging on the floor resulting in drool factories.
  • Too many health issues still slip through breeding lines.
  • Perhaps the most disturbing fact is that the Great Dane is an endangered species. Good bye Great Dane. Welcome Pseudo Dane.

This is Brussels, 2016:

alt="pseudo dane vs greatdane

A contrast: A very beautiful Great Dane bitch on the right versus a totally inbred Pseudo Dane male on the left

By the way, I love Mastiffs, it is just that the head of a Mastiff does not belong on a Great Dane.

This is a stub.

Please feel free to watch this 1930 video https://youtu.be/DQxGlUCzACI and pay in particular attention to:

  • heads
    • normal ears
    • normal cheeks of males in particular
    • eyes
      • intelligent looks
      • without common entropion
  • chest depth
  • easy and gracious movement

Let's draw some conclusions:

  • The race is already ruined due to limiting the gene pool, today's Danes have drifted away far from the looks in this video.
  • If we want to do something about it, we need a database with anonymized breeders and owners, keeping lifetime track of diseases and characteristics of parents and litter, increasing the gene pool, doing this world wide, with participating people that love to make the best of it.
  • We cannot turn back the clock. But we can focus on core properties and improve the race.
  • It is to be considered to do a triple split:
    • The improved Great Dane, with classic looks, bred to exterminate the typical diseases and behavioural problems, based on a guaranteed and controlled diverse and large gene pool, imported from representative current Great Danes.
    • The current Great Dane as we know them today.
    • The Pseudo Dane, it cannot be denied, there is a demand. These dogs are to be excluded from the gene pool. Time will tell where this branch ends.
  • As a conclusion, we need to get organized.


  • Where to find dogs matching the old race? Are there breeders, conscious breeding these lines?
  • Where (not to) buy Pseudo Danes?

More questions than answers...

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