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Many people make pictures and want to share them. They don't do this to make money but to enrich the world.

Unfortunately not many people understand that if you publish without a proper license, the works are plain copyrighted. The result is that you don't share it at all, the opposite of what you intended!

You may want to visit and learn more about licensing. If you're in doubt then choose a Creative Commons license of type BySA which means that other people should mention your name as the original author (By) and if other people change it you don't mind as long as they share the derived work as well (SA means share Alike). Please do permit commercial use, it won't harm you since you're attributed.

Unless otherwise stated all material made by me is free under a Creative Commons Attribution and Share Alike license v3.0 or higher. Feel free to use it, see If you need copyrighted versions: just mail. Have as much fun as I had making this stuff!

The media pool can be found at Some material is published at and contributions to Wikimedia are found at and

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  • KPM_1903-1932, KPM ships from 1903 until 1932

  • Textures, Bump mappings, textures and backgrounds used for Blender and other applications for 2D and 3D.

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  • Where would we be without a great gallery? I'll fill up gallery!

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